CCS Auditor Approved Disaster Recovery Services
CCS is a Federal GSA Approved Vendor

During a disaster, every extra hour you spend locating and obtaining replacement equipment
costs your company in dollars, and may seriously affect its ability to resume normal business operations.

Where do you go to replace damaged or destroyed hardware?

* Not To Your Equipment Manufacturer
Manufacturer list prices on new hardware are prohibitively expensive compared with values in the third party marketplace.

* Not To Your Hot Site Vendor.
No one will guarantee a delivery time; and ask yourself, how quickly will this vendor send replacement hardware when your company is spending $5,000 to $10,000 a day to stay on-line at their site.

Is $300 a month too high a cost to avoid putting your company's future at risk? Are you willing to trust your data processing department and possibly your job to the "best efforts" of a dealer/broker/lessor whose emergency response has never been tested?

CCS's one - five day equipment replacement program is backed by a quarter-million dollar ($250,000) penalty clause. We put our multi million dollar company to work for you so you can have peace of mind during disastrous times. With offices nationwide, CCS provides its customers with resources few companies can, or should, be without.

The cost for the Hardware Replacement Program is as follows:

Initial Set-Up Fee (one-time charge) $1,500

Monthly Fee (180 day cancelable contract) $ 300

The $300 monthly fee covers all of the computer hardware in your data center, regardless of the computer vendors. This fee will not change due to hardware additions or deletions. Even if you double your configuration or upgrade your hardware, your monthly costs remain the same.

CCS provides the low-cost answer for fast , efficient disaster recovery. No other program is as affordable. Also, as a value add, the CCS guaranteed hardware replacement program is now being marketed and sold by hotsite vendors.

If you have any questions about CCS Hardware Replacement Program, or if we may be of assistance in any other area of your contingency planning, please give us a call. We're looking forward to working with CCS.

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Being prepared and able to respond in the wake of disaster is essential. Protecting your IT assets as well as ensuring that you stay connected to your employees, your communications systems and most importantly your customers is critical. Systems and data recovery are the most crucial component of disaster recovery. As we have come to rely on complicated technology infrastructures for communications, commerce and customer facing services, we must also ensure the protection and continuation of these resources, even through the most difficult times.

CCS provides complete Disaster Recovery consulting and services to ensure that your enterprise can respond quickly and efficiently in the wake of an emergency. Our goal is to make sure that you have the systems and resources available so that you can be fully operational as quickly as possible with minimal or no loss of data or systems capability.

CCS Business Impact Analysis - We will work with your organization to analyze and identify the critical business processes that most affect your revenue, your assets and your customers to help you prioritize the recovery strategies that might be needed during an extended business disruption. Knowing where the vulnerabilities are helps us to recommend the appropriate services and hardware to support your IT policies and network infrastructure during downtimes.

LakeView Technology
A longtime CCS Partner, Lakeview Technology's MiMiX is recognized as the leading high availability application suite in the marketplace - and maintains a real time copy of an IBM® AS/400® system's database and objects on a hot backup. MiMiX for AS/400 is an Availability Management Solution that enables organizations to provide consistent, predictable access to the applications and data their businesses require.

  • Automatically detect system outages and initiate a recovery process
  • Administer programs to track, manage and report on AS/400 processes
  • Enable application file system updates and database file system reorganization in a live production environment

More about MiMiX High Availability Solution


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